Eternal Sealed Analyzer

Need help understanding how to use the tool? Look no further!


Add +1 for each non-removal card you want to be playing


Add +1 for each removal spell that you want to be playing


Add +1 for each fixing power you have, and +1 for each of the influence generating strangers

Dual Colors

Add only for cards that meet the alignment's colors. Mono-color cards are automatically added to the graph for the corresponding dual color factions!

Limited Bombs

For bombs, add anything from +2 to +100000 depending on how strongly you evaluate the card to be.


You can click here to watch Kaelos using the tool for the first time as I explain through the magic of Twitch chat


Recommendations are strictly based on your input and not the individual cards. Remember to consider colors more strongly if you have a bomb in that color/color combo (and maybe give a couple extra +1's to the corresponding category to remind yourself).

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